Friday, July 17, 2015

11 Months & 1 Year!!

I've fallen behind but here are a few pics from the sequels 11 month birthday and then also their 1 year birthday.  I'll add some pictures from their party in a little while.

11 months - the somber pose

11 months - the happy pose

Here are a couple pics of Max & Lyla enjoying their cake
Lyla and her cake

those big, beautiful, lovely eyes

Max & his cake - yummy!

Max liked sharing his cake with Lyla  =)
More birthday party pics coming soon! 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

(8) & 9 & 10 Months!!

Here are the sequels monthly pics from 8 months, 9 months and 10 months.  They are growing so fast and time is flying by.

The latest measurements from our 9 month appointment:
Maximus - 18lbs 11oz and 28.5"
Lyla - 16lb and 27"

8 months old (Feb)
9 months old (Mar) - at the Dr on our 9 month-day

Max giving us a look - he, he
10 months - with Jaken (who was not excited about pictures) & Tesla

look at that cheese from Tesla  =)

Max & Lyla were concerned for Jaken

10 months old - Chewy looks so much smaller
bath time fun - that dual sink has come in handy  =)


We had a great Easter with the Wolf family.  A nice relaxing day with a fun egg hunt and great Easter baskets. 

A few days before Easter we decorated the back window with fun bunny window clings. 

Butterfly Tesla & Bunny Jaken

Max learning to brush his teeth . . . sorta
Lyla digging into her basket

ready for the egg hunt
the hunt is on!


the Wolf Pack

Uncle John & Lyla

Friday, February 27, 2015

7 Months & 8 Months!!

Life has been busy around here!  I have a few minutes so I thought I'd add some more pictures from these last couple months. 

The sequels are continuing to grow and develop their little personalities.  The originals are growing and learning and becoming more independent.  Some days are more challenging than others but we wouldn't trade a minute of it! 

Here are a couple pictures from these last few months:

we took official family pictures - I was sweating & worn out by the time we finished but love the results

making toast with Grandpa

decorating cookies - Uncle Tim & Aunt Kelly sent us a cookie decorating kit for Christmas

adding sprinkles

eating sprinkles

green tongue from sprinkles - he, he

Kinetic sand with Grandpa

puzzles with Grandpa

Jaken & Tesla transitioned to big kid beds recently.  Here was our first night in big beds:

reading with Daddy

all four reading with Daddy

our 7 month pics - Batman theme 

our Wolf Pack in Batman theme!

We had snow today!  It was so fun take T & J outside - it's the first time they've been able to play in the snow for real.  They loved it!  (but it was chilly and we didn't stay out too long, but memories made!)  =)

attempting a snowman (but it wasn't good packing snow)

snow angel demonstration

Tesla's snow angel  =)

our mini snowman - he, he

clearing the snow off the slide

Enjoy the snapshots of our little crazy life!  =)